Dienstag, 18. September 2007

7 Free Blu-Ray Discs with PS3 Purchase

Amazon is again offering 2 free blu-ray discs with a ps3 purchase and with 5 free discs from the blu-ray group you can get 7 free blu-ray discs with your new ps3.

There's about 104 discs to choose from at Amazon. Please check the rebate form before selecting the 2 free discs from amazon so as not to overlap titles.

This is the selection pool for the 5 free discs.
The Guardian Corpse Bride Stealth The Italian Job Kiss of the Dragon Harts War Pearl Harbor Phantom of the Opera Resident Evil 2 Black Rain Omen 666 The Last Waltz Invincible Blazing Saddles Underworld Evolution Babel The Transporter 2 Chicken Little Stir of Echoes Devils Rejects Species

Here's How It Works:

1. Check the boxes next to the PLAYSTATION 3 below as well as two Blu-ray discs that you'd like to order today. (Limit one console and three of each title per customer. Quantities are limited; order now before we run out!)

2. Make your purchase--the promotional discount will be applied at checkout. You will see a credit in your shopping cart.

3. Get 5 more discs for free: Download the mail-in rebate form, and print it out. When you receive your PLAYSTATION 3, fill out the form with your choice of movies--you'll need the UPC code located on the player's package--and send it in to the address indicated on the form by October 31, 2007.
Click here for 7 Free Blu-ray Discs with PS3 Purchase offer.


[Source: Sony PS3 Modding - Homebrew, Upgrades, Mods, and Hacks]