Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2007

Win $20,000 with FIFA 08 and the PS3

The Fourth Annual FIFA Interactive World cup is currently being held on the PlayStation Network. Owners of EA Sports FIFA 08 compete with players around the world to qualify for the Interactive World Cup and win $20,000.

What you need:
fifa interactive world cup logo ps3From October 2007 to May 2008, thousands of players from all over the globe will be showing off their skills by playing EA Sports FIFA 08 on the PS3 network online or at more than 20 qualifying events in an attempt to claim one of the 32 spots at the grand final at the Sony Center in Berlin in May 2008.

Players interested in taking part in the contest to become the next FIFA Interactive World Player of the Year - a prestigious feat rewarded with an invitation to the FIFA World Player Gala along with USD 20,000 in prize money - will find all the relevant information on Focusing on the qualifiers and the final tournament itself, the official website will once again offer the most extensive coverage of all the action on and off the virtual field.

How Does It Work

Once registered, every single FIFA 08 game you will play on the PS Network against anybody in the world will count for the overall Confederation standings. Should you be a resident of Germany, for example, you will fall under the European Confederation leader-board. And guess what.... These standings will be published on on a monthly basis so you can always keep track of where you are currently ranked!

Work your way to the top of the leader-board, shake off your competitors and defend your pole position until Spring 2008. You may as well find yourself amongst the 32 best football gamers in the world battling it out at the Grand Final Event in May to determine who will take home the FIFA Interactive World Cup Trophy.

To register to play, please follow these instructions:

- If you already have a Club account, all you need to do is sign-in on Click on "My Services" link and insert the Playstation Network ID at the bottom of the page in the FIFA Interactive World Cup section. Then click on Save.

Live Qualifier Events

Apart from the Online Qualification modus, we're also running numerous spectacular tournaments in more than 20 countries around the world and whatever your ability, everyone gets his/her chance! Here, you will be able to play shoulder-to-shoulder against your opponents, make a run to become National Champion and secure one of the 32 prestigious slots at the Grand Final in May, representing your own country!
Find out more from the official FIFA IWC Site.


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