Freitag, 7. Dezember 2007

PS3 RSX Accessed Through Linux

PS2Dev and Nouveau has accessed the RSX for 3d graphic acceleration in Linux through the PS3 hypervisor, you can read more about the project here.

CNLohr shows us the 1st demo.
This is an example of some code running on Linux, under the hypervisor talking to the Nvidia RSX (video card) on the PlayStation 3. This is done entirely without proprietary drivers.

Shown is 3 animated quads, drawn in immediate mode as well as a series of triangles in the background drawn using an index buffer. This demo is a modified version of IronPeter's libps3rsx from as of November 13th. It's running using a patched 2.6.24 experimental, unofficial kernel on Gentoo Linux.

Until recently, not enough was known about how to use the RSX to make any headway to usable, free access to the 3D contexts on the GPU on the PS3. With some excellent work from people in both the Nouveau and PS2Dev groups, homebrew developers may soon be able to write their own 3D applications.
here is mc's demo from ps2 dev.


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