Dienstag, 1. Januar 2008

Street Fighter IV Gameplay Impressions from 1up

1up goes to Capcom headquarters in Japan and gets to play Street Fighter IV, which is in early development stages.

What we know so far from the interview with Yoshinori Ono, SFIV's producer:
  • Set after Street Fighter II Turbo and before Street Fighter III.
  • The main focus at the moment is developing the 12 original characters from SFII.
  • New revenge meter builds up when you block.
  • New female characters?
  • Worldwide ranking or organized online tournaments?
  • Chun Li's thigh's unknown.

Here are 5 videos including the Hadouken and the Dragon Punch.

Street Fighter IV Hadouken!

Street Fighter IV Dragon Punch

Street Fighter IV History and Origins

Street Fighter IV Characters and Story

Street Fighter IV Special

The re-issued SOTA Street Fighter action figures should hold us of until the release of SFIV.
street fighter action figure sota


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