Mittwoch, 26. September 2007

Lair PSP Remote Play

Lair is the first North American title to allow Remote Play through the PSP. The analog stick is used for controls instead of the Sixaxis motion sensor on the PS3, which some have trouble with. Here's the post on the US PS3 forums, please laugh at the ridiculous responses. You will need a PSP with 3.5 firmware with Remote Play support.

ps3 lair psp
psp star wars battlefront

Mainichi Issho from Japan can also be play through Remote Play.
Mainichi Issho, literally translated as Everday Together, is a free "game" for the Playstation 3 system that can be downloaded from the Playstation Network Store.

The main character, is a white cat named Toro (previously from the Doko Demo Issho PocketStation game).

You can play some simple games against the computer or other players online, decorate Toro's room, buy stuff from the PSN store or Myali Store.


[Source: Sony PS3 Modding - Homebrew, Upgrades, Mods, and Hacks]