Mittwoch, 26. September 2007

PS3 3D Gaming with Ridge Racer 7

A special version of Ridge Racer 7 is being used to test 3-d or stereoscopic gaming on the PlayStation 3. It utilizes 60 fps and 1080p. The formal showing will be at CEATEC Japan and Asiagraph in October. This is all we can gather since the source is in Japanese.

3d ps3 ridge racer3d ps3 ridge racer
3d ps3 ridge racer3d ps3 ridge racer

How does it work? Here's a brief explanation from
Display image of Xpol TM system hi-vision liquid crystal 3D television (image)

Image for the left eye (scanning line of odd number turn eye)
Image for the right eye (scanning line of even number turn eye)
The image which it influences synthesizes (1080p/60)
Image for the left or right eye is indicated in every the one of the scanning line of the liquid crystal hi-vision television, (when viewing, the glasses of the polarized light which differs to left and right are used)

As for Xpol TM, (Inc.) registered trade mark of Arisawa factory


[Source: Sony PS3 Modding - Homebrew, Upgrades, Mods, and Hacks]